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eBay Fee Calculator


eBay final value fee is between 1.2-9% based on your store subscription when unique categories with lower final value fees are excluded

eBay final value fees are between 1.5% and 12% of the amount you were paid, including item cost and shipping. PayPal charges 2.9% of the payment received plus a 30 cent transaction fee (depends on domestic or international transaction and what your paypal country is)

The final value fee is based on the item price and shipping price plus any other costs to the buyer.

eBay fees should not be too high if you have an eBay store subscription and you haven’t listed more items than what your store package limit is.

eBay is an open platform with over 180 million buyers, you can start your business easily.

It depends on how many listings you plan to list.
If you have up to 50 listings you don’t have to pay anything
If you exceed your store limit then you have to pay insertion fees.
So based on the amount of listings you have you should choose the right store subscription.
Using our eBay fee calculator, you will be able to get a fairly accurate idea of the various charges that can arise when using the store model vs not having a store.

How To Use the Ebay Fee Calculator

How to use the ProductBot Fee Calculator for eBay

There are 2 ways to use the eBay fee calculator:

1. You can copy the eBay Item ID for the product you want to sell and paste it into the Item ID field. The eBay fee calculator will pull the price & category from eBay and will calculate the fees and profit based on this. To make sure you get accurate results please make sure to choose the relevant information from the filters (store subscription, top rated seller, etc)

2. You can fill your product selling price, shipping cost, product cost and all other filters (store subscription, top rated seller and etc) and you will immediately get the results

Select the appropriate eBay account option

Please select your eBay account option. Keep in mind that each option affects the fees.

Make sure to enter in your product cost

To see accurate profit per product you should add your product cost and shipping cost

Filling in the shipping price and shipping cost

Fill in your shipping price as the price that you charge your customer, and your shipping cost is the cost that you incur to ship out the item.

Select your Item Category

Please select the item category of the product you are selling. Keep in mind that each category has different fees.

Accurately calculate your profit

Calculating profit is the foundation of your business.

By using our eBay fee calculator you can make sure you are not losing money when selling on eBay and identify areas where you can charge more for your products.

Using the ProductBot suite of tools, you will be able to find out exactly what are the most profitable items to sell on ebay.

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