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Looking to increase your sales on Facebook marketplace?

This automated tool helps you find products that sell instantly in just a few clicks.

Facebook Product Search Features

Daily New Product Scans

- Scans FBMP daily for new products
- All sales data captured
- Provides amazing insight for dropshippers!

Facebook Product Search - Save/Sale Data

Critical Sales/Saved Data

- Critical decision making data
- How many times an item has sold
- How many times an item has been saved
- Know whether to list an item or not!

Search Sales Data by City

- Know which cities the items have sold
- Match your area and climate to see what items to list in your own account

Facebook Product Search - Filters

Filter Data Instantly

- Easily filter the data in 3 clicks
- Immediately find the best selling items
- Know which city is selling the best

Pricing and Margins

- Know exactly how to price your items
- Know if competition is charging shipping
- Know exact margins and profits

ProductBot Facebook Product Search - London Data

London/EU Sales Data

- Only provider of London sales data
- As FBMP expands we keep up with new cities

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Riches are in the Niches!

Powerful category search to NICHE your sales sites.

Niche Category Search Features

ProductBot Category Product Search

Easily Niche Your FB Page/Shop

- Searches on multiple sites for a category (example: Home Decor)
- Returns new products daily
- Simply import hundreds of niche items in minutes!

ProductBot Category Product Search View Categories

Amazingly Quick Category Results

- Returns results 8 times per day
- Connected to multiple DS friendly sites
- Current sites are Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Home Depot, Overstock & AliExpress
- More sites coming every week

ProductBot Category Product Search Click to Copy

Upload Bulk Items in Minutes

- Niche your site with high demand products
- Upload hundreds of bulk items in minutes
- This is the best way to jump start a new shop or one that has no traffic!

ProductBot Category Product Search Filter by Site

Avoid Amazon Shutdown Issues

- Easily sort results to EXCLUDE Amazon
- Easily work around any future problems
- No more frustration!

ProductBot Category Product Search Lists

List Functions to Keep Organized

- Keep track of what you have listed
- Know where to order when orders come
- No more looking in order history

ProductBot Category Product Search Help

Training Videos & Help on Every Page

- Every page of the site has help videos
- Click the "Help" button in the upper right
- As well, every page has chat available

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Features Coming Soon

Historical Sales Data

  • We rescan our data constantly
  • We will soon be able to show when an item’s sales are taking off
  • Get in at the beginning of an item’s run
  • See visual sales graphs for items

Saturated Item Data

  • Instantly know what items NOT to sell
  • Will show how many other sellers have items listed
  • Avoid bad items in seconds

Listing Functions

  • List any items directly to your FB shop/account
  • One click listing from sales sites
  • One click adding to your ProductBot lists
  • Saves time and money

Total Automation

  • When new items appear in your category searches, automatically list them to your FB account(s)
  • No need to ever search for or manually list another products, EVER!

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