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How To Dropship With AliExpress

If you’ve been considering starting a dropshipping business, then there are a few things you need to learn in order to be successful. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting with e-commerce or you’re a veteran wanting to switch your business model, this guide on AliExpress dropshipping is exactly what you need. If you’ve been wondering whether you can create a successful e-commerce business with AliExpress dropshipping, this article will show you it’s possible.

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is a popular online marketplace founded in 2010 with millions of products available for sale. It’s one of the best places where you can source items for dropshipping as there are a variety of quality, inexpensive products. Alibaba owns AliExpress, a Chinese-based e-commerce company. Therefore, a considerable number of the suppliers are manufacturers from overseas and wholesalers with reasonable prices. You will want to be certain you have your item priced correctly and this ebay fee calculator will help ensure you are making money on the product.

It allows you to dropship items to any part of the world. You’re able to sell the product from AliExpress directly in your store. It also gives you the freedom to easily set up your profit margins. After you sell a product, you buy it from an AliExpress supplier, and it’s shipped directly to your customer. The AliExpress Dropshipping Center shows you all the products that are currently popular with dropshippers.

Why is AliExpress Dropshipping worth considering?

Becoming a successful e-commerce entrepreneur is possible with AliExpress dropshipping. You only need to connect to a platform that allows you to find numerous products on the AliExpress marketplace that you can sell online. Our favorite platform is, and if you want to learn how to setup an eBay account we have a full explanation.  On AliExpress, you can select from fashion, toys, electronics, beauty, or any other products that are trending. Another option is browsing the top-selling products. An excellent time saving solution is to use dropshipping product software to automatically find the best selling products for you.

After making a sale, you won’t have to worry about packaging, storing, or shipping your products. The supplier ships the items ordered from the warehouse directly to your customer. You’ll only need to worry about important things, like how you can grow your e-commerce business and make more sales. 

Some benefits linked to AliExpress dropshipping include:

  • One of the things entrepreneurs fear most is capital. Dropshipping with AliExpress doesn’t require significant capital.
  • There’s no need for a physical store. Since it’s all about online businesses, you’re able to run a successful dropshipping business from anywhere you are. You also won’t have to worry about stocking any of the inventory.
  • Everything important that you need to learn is available online for free. There are many videos, articles, among other materials that you can use to create a successful e-commerce business.

How to Dropship with AliExpress

We’ve already had a look at many benefits you can enjoy from dropshipping with AliExpress, however learning the process is the most important part. We’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide to explain how it all works.

  1. The first step is for you to set up your online store using a well-known and reliable platform like eBay.
  1. Secondly, you need to create an AliExpress account. To do so, visit and click the Join button.
  1. Next, select the right tool to help you analyze the products available, so you can find which products will sell the best and which products will make you the most money. This is the most important part of the entire process. Many people have failed because they skipped this step or used an inferior tool.
  1. Find a store management solution. The right store management software will have multiple features to help you run your store more efficiently. We suggest
  1. The last step is; after your customer has placed an order, go to the supplier and order the same item, so it can be shipped to them directly. You can later send tracking numbers to your customers, so they can track exactly where their orders are, without having to create more work for you.

How to select the best suppliers for AliExpress dropshipping 

The following tips can help when selecting suppliers:

  • Buy from suppliers who have over 90% positive feedback.
  • Compare prices offered by different suppliers, don’t always go for the lowest price.
  • Pay attention to how the suppliers respond. It’s essential for your supplier to be responsive.
  • Evaluate your shipping options. AliExpress Premium Shopping is a superb choice, offering a wonderful balance between speed and affordability.
  • Be careful with branded products. Most branded products might be counterfeit, this is because known luxury brands are rare on AliExpress. As well, eBay won’t allow most branded products.
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