Can someone explain ALL the eBay fees & monthly listing fees in greater detail?

1. Insertion/listing fee: This is free on your first 50 (for some accounts, 100) per month. After that, you pay a listing fee. You can upgrade to a store that includes a certain quantity of free listings (among other benefits):…/fees…/store-selling-fees…
2. After an item sells, you pay the final value fee. Usually around 12% (some categories less, others more) + 30 cents.
3. If you use promoted listings (which we generally recommend), you pay an additional percentage only when you make a sale of a promoted item. Meaning- you won’t pay a cent for any item that doesn’t sell.
4. If you are using ads, which we do not yet recommend, you will pay additional fees for clicks/promotions.
Store selling fees
Store selling fees