If we can all buy from Aliexpress, why doesn’t everyone just shop there?

There are many factors :

1. AliExpress is not the most user-friendly marketplace. There are thousands of repeat listings, and it is easy to get overwhelmed.

2. eBay is a US based website, and AliExpress is based in China. Some people have “issues” buying from websites based in China due to fear of giving their personal information to international websites. Our credit cards and PayPal have great security and protection.

3. Dealing with the language barriers is not always easy. We have made hundreds of AliExpress orders without issue, but when we do have an issue, they immediately reship or refund.

4. Most people prefer to order from US based warehouses. AliExpress has some US based warehouses (as well as other locales); however, they are only for a sizable minority of their products.