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What are the hottest selling products on Facebook?

Do you ever wonder what are the hottest selling products on Facebook you can put into your marketplace account and have them sell right away? One of the absolute best ways to know if an item will sell is to see if it is already selling in someone else’s account on Facebook. If it is already selling, and you can source the item from a supplier at a cost where you can make a 30-50% margin, then you will want to list it in your account.

The issue is, how do you know what is selling? At, we recently went through 1308 recent sales on Facebook to determine a few things.

We wanted to know:

  1. What are the hottest categories of products selling?
  2. What shipping cost should we be using for our own products based on what other successful sellers are doing?
  3. What is the average price of items that are selling?
  4. What categories have the highest priced product, and thus better profit margins?
  5. And lastly, what is the average discount amount of the top selling items so we know how much to discount our items as well?


In order to display the data in a format everyone could easily understand, we decided to go with an Infographic. It is posted in this blog post. Enjoy!

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